Bunny Slippers

$ 4.99

Keep your 18" doll's feet warm and snug with our adorable Bunny Slippers. These slippers are designed for lounging around the house in style and add a charming touch to your doll's casual ensemble.

Crafted with attention to detail, these bunny slippers are as cute as they are comfortable. Their soft and plush material ensures your doll's toes stay cozy, making them perfect for any indoor activity or relaxing day at home.

Designed to fit 18" dolls, these slippers are a versatile addition to your doll's wardrobe. Whether your doll is having a pajama party, lounging around, or enjoying downtime, these bunny slippers are the perfect accessory to complete their cozy look.

Upgrade your doll's loungewear with these adorable Bunny Slippers and add a touch of charm to every moment. Order now and let your doll's feet stay cozy and cute in these delightful slippers!

Designed to fit 18" dolls.