Hot Pink Gymnastics / Dance Leotard

$ 7.99

Get your 18" doll ready to dazzle in the gym or dance floor with our vibrant Hot Pink Sleeveless Leotard. Designed for both gymnastics and dance, this sleek leotard combines style and functionality for the perfect performance ensemble.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this hot pink leotard features a sleeveless design that allows maximum movement freedom. The bold color excites your doll's wardrobe, ensuring she stands out in the crowd.

Tailored specifically for 18" dolls, this leotard offers a snug and comfortable fit, allowing your doll to perform confidently and gracefully. Whether practicing her routines or showcasing her skills, this leotard provides the flexibility and support she needs.

Upgrade your doll's athletic attire with this Hot Pink Sleeveless Gymnastics/Dance Leotard, and watch as she shines in every routine. Order now and let your doll's talent steal the spotlight!

They are designed to fit 18" dolls.