Square Silver Wire-Rimmed Glasses

$ 3.99

Elevate your doll's style with our Square Silver Wire-Rimmed Glasses! Crafted with attention to detail, these glasses are the perfect accessory to add sophistication to any 18" doll's ensemble.

Featuring a sleek silver wire-rimmed metal design, these glasses exude elegance and charm. The square frame adds a modern touch, making it versatile to your doll's wardrobe. Whether your doll is hitting the books or stepping out for a stylish outing, these glasses will make a statement.

These glasses, designed to fit 18" dolls, are fashionable and functional. Enhance your doll's look with sophistication, and shop our Square Copper Wire-Rimmed Glasses today!

Designed to fit 18" dolls.

Measurements: 3-3/8" wide, 2-3/4" long